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Unit One:

  1. Basic medical terminology
  2. Facility cleanliness
  3. Basic cat behavior and restraint
  4. Handling aggressive dogs
  5. Handling wild cats
  6. Health hazards in the veterinary practice
  7. General knowledge of rabies
  8. Human animal bond
  9. Vaccines part one
  10. Vaccination schedules
  11. Patient histories
  12.  Food and inventory products
  13. Knowledge of current products
  14. OTC products and foods

Unit Two:

  1. Vaccines part two
  2. Chemical restraint
  3. Haltering a horse, restraining a horse
  4. Restraint large animals
  5. Occupational safety: MSDS, fire safety plan
  6. Using and mixing chemicals
  7. Keeping storage areas safe
  8. OSHA safety review
  9. Ten tips to handling vaccines
  10. General canine behavioral interpretation
  11. How dogs communicate
  12. Interpreting aggressive behavior
  13. Protective instincts and fear biting
  14. Behavior interpretations and observations
  15. Behavior wellness program
  16. Common behavioral problems in cats
  17. Common canine behavioral problems
  18. Dealing with a threatening dog
  19. Gathering a behavioral history from clients
  20. Initial assessment of behavioral problems
  21. Observing canine ear carriage
  22. Observing canine eyes and gaze
  23. Observing canine tail carriage
  24. Observing the canine mouth
  25. The behavioral examination

Unit Three:

  1. Urinalysis
  2. Basic blood collection
  3. CBC-complete blood count
  4. Basic microscope technique
  5. Basic cytology
  6. Basic histopathology
  7. Basic slide staining techniques
  8. Basic fungal and bacterial culturing
  9. Using a refractometer
  10. Heartworm snap test
  11. Intestinal parasite identification
  12. Fecal collection-large animals
  13. Disposal of dead animals
  14. Preparing a mare for vaginal exam
  15. Using the ear mite swab
  16. Collection and identification of mites
  17. Ear cytology
  18. Common venipuncture locations
  19. Vaccines part three

Unit Four:

  1. Safety
  2. Positioning animals for radiology
  3. The X-ray machine and technique chart
  4. Radiology: developing and filing xrays
  5. Digital photography
  6. Safety in the radiology area
  7. Radiographic positional aids
  8. Labeling, filing and storage of film
  9. Replace or replenish developer and fixer
  10. Equipment list
  11. Anesthetic equipment preparation and patient monitoring
  12. Preanesthetic phase
  13. Anesthetic induction phase
  14. Anesthetic maintenance phase and machine basics
  15. Anesthetic recovery phase

Unit Five:

  1. Basic grooming techniques
  2. Nail trimming
  3. Anal gland expression
  4. Basic eye and ear care
  5. Basic cat care
  6. Horse in stalls
  7. Care and bedding for horses
  8. Maintenance and repair of stalls
  9. Nursing care
  10. Medications
  11. Fluid therapy
  12. Post-surgical care
  13. The importance of the proper environment
  14. External parasites: fleas and ticks
  15. Flea and tick control for the house and yard
  16. Intestinal parasites: worms and coccidian
  17. Monthly topical and oral treatments
  18. Flea shampoo-sprays, dips and collars

Unit Six:

  1. Avian handling and restraint
  2. Avian beak and nail trim
  3. Avian wing trim
  4. Handling small animals
  5. Handling snakes
  6. Handling lizards and turtles
  7. Top 10 dog breeds
  8. Venipuncture sites
  9. Caring for the geriatric patient

Unit Seven:

  1. Tracheal intubation
  2. Patient monitoring
  3. Post-surgical care
  4. Pain management
  5. Large animal surgical packs
  6. Practical dentistry

Unit Eight:

  1. Animal feeding
  2. Dry-canned and semi-moist pet foods
  3. How often to feed a pet
  4. Food storage
  5. Hydroptherapy
  6. General principles of wound healing
  7. Caring for wounds
  8. Hoof care
  9. Bleeding
  10. Bloat (GDV) or distended abdomen
  11. Diarrhea and vomiting
  12. Dystocia
  13. Heat stroke and hypothermia
  14. Labored breathing
  15. Poisoning
  16. Seizures
  17. The inability to urinate or defecate
  18. Transporting an injured animal
  19. Trauma
  20. Unconscious animals and CPR
  21. Caring for open wounds
  22. Artificial insemination
  23. Care for the endoscope

Unit Nine:

  1. Needles and syringes
  2. Oncology
  3. Administration of medications to large animals
  4. Filling a prescription
  5. Prescription labels and abbreviations
  6. Controlled substances
  7. Injectable drug administration

Unit Ten:

  1. Admitting and discharging non- medical patients
  2. Scheduling appointments
  3. Filing medical records
  4. The electronic health record
  5. Computers and veterinary practice
  6. Understanding how a client perceives quality and value
  7. New pet owner: spay and neuter
  8. Steps to exceptional client service
  9. terminology

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North Ogden, UT 84414
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