Vet Assistant Job Description

Veterinarians Diagnose, Prescribe and Operate. Who does everything else? 

Basic Veterinary Assistant Job Description

General Description of Position

The veterinary assistant assists the veterinarian with office visits and exams, takes care of the everyday needs of pets in the hospital ward and boarding facility, if applicable, and helps maintain the hospital facility, keeping it neat and clean.

Job Requirements/Skills/Physical Demands

An employee in this position must have a sense of caring for animals, be able to lift approximately 50-70 pounds, walk dogs of up to 130 pounds, work on feet all day, read write and understand English.

Reports to: Office Manager and Assistant Manager(s), or Veterinary Technician Supervisor.

Essential Functions

  • Provide compassionate care for pets
  • Restrain pets for veterinarians and technicians
  • Assist in taking of x-rays and development
  • Monitor, record, and report physical signs of hospitalized/boarded pets
  • Clean cages, runs, boardig area and/or hospital facilities, including exam rooms, treatment room, exotics and isolation area, employee lounge, bathrooms, and doctor's office
  • Maintain reception area in a neat and sanitary condition
  • Provide clean bedding, water and litter pans for pets
  • Feed hospitalized/boarded pets as needed
  • Exercise hospitalized/boarded dogs as needed
  • Take incoming pets to appropriate areas
  • Bathe pets and prepare pets for dismissal
  • Retrieve pets that are being discharged
  • Re-stock ward with food from food room
  • Bring retail food to reception area
  • Re-stock reception area shelves
  • Do laundry
  • Wash and sanitize pet dishes
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Answer phones and direct clients to appropriate staff members
  • Give estimates over the phone, e-mail of shopped items (example-vaccines, spay or neuter)

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